Shelley: Bridal Stylist

What do you love most about working with brides?  

My favorite thing about working with brides is hearing the story of how they met their fiancé, and how they got engaged. When a bride tells her story, I don't just listen to what she says, I try to feel what excites her about the story. This gives me ideas on which gown will help her feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable on their special day. I love the special connection this helps me form with each of my brides as well.


How do you think your co-workers would describe you?

I am kind, empathetic, efficient, hardworking, I am always willing to help a coworker, and I love what I do!


If you were out for happy hour, what would you order?

Some kind of fried appetizer and a strawberry lemonade with sprite!

When you aren't making brides dreams come true, where can we find you?

When I am not helping brides I am spending time with my family. I have 3 children and we love being outdoors, so when I am away from my beautiful brides, I am usually doing something outdoors with my kiddos or trying new restaurants with my partner Mike. I am an absolute foodie!