Trunk Shows: What are They?

Trunk Shows: What are They?

Trunk Shows: What are They?. Mobile Image

Jul 01, 2023

And Why You Should Shop at One!

Have you come across the term “Trunk Show” while researching bridal shops and wondered what could that mean? Trunk shows are a popular term in the wedding world so we’re breaking down what it means and giving you four reasons why shopping for your wedding dress during a trunk show is a GREAT idea!




A trunk show is a period of time (typically a weekend but can sometimes run longer) where a wedding dress designer will send their newest collection or their best pieces to bridal shops for you to shop in person! Often the designer will send dresses or items that a store doesn’t already carry or gowns that are brand new, meaning an extended selection for brides to try and on and say yes to! At Charlotte’s we host trunk shows from all of our designers! We’ll typically host one per season for each dress designer and even host trunk shows to feature our jewelry or accessory designers!




There are a myriad of reasons why shopping during a trunk show weekend is one of the best times to say yes to the dress! Below are 4 reasons why we think you should schedule your bridal experience during a Trunk Show event. 


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1. Wider selection of gowns to choose from

At Charlotte’s, we hand select wedding gowns from our designers' new collections every season. Often it can be really hard to choose which gowns to bring in from each season because our designers are so talented, but we just don’t have the space to sample every single dress they design in store. So, during a Trunk Show, we get the opportunity to bring in additional gowns meaning a larger selection is in store to shop during these events!


2. You could be one of the first brides to wear the gown

It’s not uncommon for a trunk show to showcase brand new wedding gowns that aren’t quite available across bridal stores yet. Trunk shows can be hosted as part of a preview of a new season of wedding dresses, meaning brides shopping during a trunk show could be the first ones to say yes to these designs! This makes for an extra special experience for brides and gives them the opportunity to potentially be the first bride to say “I do” in a particular style.


3. Lots of gowns from a designer you love

If you’ve done some research and found yourself drawn to a particular designer, shopping during one of their trunk show events will give you the chance to see their fresh new designs in person! Not only can you shop the designs we’ve already hand selected from a designer you love, but you’ll also get to dive deeper into the details and finishes that you’re eyeing from the designer and see the newest trends that you’ll likely enjoy! Having a broader selection of gowns from a designer you are already familiar with and drawn to makes it even easier to say yes to the dress!


4. Don’t forget the special savings

Shopping during a trunk show often means special trunk show pricing! When you say yes to a dress from the collection being showcased, the designers allow us to offer exclusive specials for the event as a gift to our brides! You’ll not only get to say yes to the dress but you’ll get to say yes to the dress with a little discount!


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