Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

Jul 02, 2024

Expert Advice from Charlotte’s Stylists


Finding your wedding dress is such a special time.  Your wedding gown is the most expressive garment (and possibly the most expensive) you’ll ever wear so the process of finding the perfect one can feel daunting.  To help you prepare for your wedding dress shopping experience, we asked our expert stylists to share some of their best wedding dress shopping tips so you can be fully equipped to say yes to the dress!



Now that you’re engaged, finding your dream wedding dress is one of the early journeys you’ll embark on during your wedding planning.  As you plan for your wedding dress shopping appointments, there are a few key tips our stylists want you to consider:


“When planning your appointments, make sure you bring your best supporters!  It’s important to bring people that will uplift and celebrate you, preferably with opinions that you trust and value.” - Miranda, Master Bridal Stylist


“Make a wedding dress inspiration board!  Do some research before your appointment to establish a baseline of “likes” and “dislikes” about wedding dresses to create a starting point for your dress journey.  This process not only gets you in the mindset, but it also helps your stylist get to know more about you and your unique wedding day vision.  A full Pinterest board, or a collection of photos saved to your phone that you can share before or during your appointment is perfect! Your stylist wants to hear all about your ideas and we love any and ALL information you can provide.” - Taylor, Bridal Stylist



Once you’ve booked your appointment and found your “I do” crew, the day of your appointment will be here before you know it!  A few things you should keep in mind as you get ready on the day of your appointment:


“Dress for your comfortability and success! Your bridal stylist will be helping you in and out of gowns during your appointment.  Feel free to wear as much or as little as you are comfortable in.  If you’re not sure what to wear, a nude pair of underwear and a strapless bra are a great place to start.” - Meredith, Bridal Stylist


“Make sure to eat a light meal and hydrate before your appointment.  You want to feel your absolute best when you come in and eating before your appointment may also take away some jitters or nerves you have going into this experience.” - Taylor, Bridal Stylist



When your appointment begins, keep these tips in mind to set yourself up for success:


“Knowing your budget is so important.  Sharing this information with your stylist allows us to curate your experience to fit your specific needs.  Talking about money can feel uncomfortable, but we ask because we care about showing you options that are truly viable.  We never want to push you into trying something outside of your budget boundaries so be honest about what makes the most sense for you - your dress is waiting for you know matter your price point!” - Hannah, Master Bridal Stylist


“Keep an open mind when trying on dresses - finding your wedding dress is a unique experience and can differ greatly from how you might “typically” make decisions.  Allow yourself to be present and open to what feels right to you.” - Miranda, Master Bridal Stylist


“Expect the unexpected!  Your stylist might throw in some wild card dresses that you wouldn’t have expected and that’s great!  Trust that your stylist is making sure you’re seeing every possibility that fits with how you want to feel and your priorities.  Who knows, your dress could be something you never saw coming!” - Meredith, Bridal Stylist



These tips will help you feel more confident and prepared to say yes to the dress at Charlotte’s!  Still have questions?  Don’t worry - you’ll have a chance to get more advice and all of your questions answered during your pre-appointment phone call prior to your appointment.  


Ready to start your gown shopping journey?  Book your bridal appointment today and let’s find your dream wedding dress!