Featured Bride: Leah Kelly


Today's Featured Bride post begins when Leah and Luke first met. He was no more than just the best friend's new little brother at first. Luke’s patience and persistence eventually won out though, culminating in a beautiful Spring wedding. 

"We met through my best friend in college. She married his older brother and through their relationship I met the Kelly family and became friends with Luke.”

It wasn't love at first sight for Leah - but Luke knew she was "the one" right away. 

“Luke had a crush on me for a while. He is younger than me, so it took me much longer to see him as more than a friend. Through his persistent friendship though, he eventually won me over."

Through most of their relationship, the pair were long distance finishing school on either sides of the country, but it didn't stop their relationship from progressing. After a little over two years, Luke was ready to propose.


"We went to Brookings, OR (Luke's favorite place) to stay with his grandparents. They go there every summer in their RV and Luke had been waiting for the opportunity to take me there and show me around."

Leah had no idea that this sweet trip to Brookings was actually planned to be more than just a camping trip with Luke's family.

"It was a complete surprise! I genuinely had no idea the proposal was going to happen."

The two spent some time getting the lay of the land and then packed up to go watch the sunset on the beach. They stopped off at a little gift shop to pick up some snacks ("These amazing glazed almonds!") and then headed out to find the perfect spot on the beach.

"Luke doesn't like being around people so he made me walk extra far to find the most private spot he could. Quickly after we found a spot and settled in, Luke started asking me what some of my favorite memories were together. It wasn't out of the ordinary for him and he wasn't acting weird or nervous at all."