Stephanie: Customer Experience Manager

Finalist for Do You Speak Bride Stylist of the Year 2019

What do you love most about working with brides?
I have been a Bridal Stylist at Charlotte’s since 2016. The thing I love most about working with brides is getting to know each woman that I meet and their friends and families. I love getting to know their love stories and the chance to be a part of their stories by helping them find their dress. It’s a truly amazing experience that I would not be able to have in any other job.

How do you think your co-workers would describe you?
I would like to think that my coworkers would describe me as a kind and hardworking person who goes above and beyond for my brides. And probably the biggest klutz!!


If you were out for happy hour, what would you order?

I would definitely order a Moscow Mule.

What are your favorite podcasts, TV shows, books or music? 

For Podcasts, I love listening to film podcasts, like How Did This Get Made, etc. I’m really into all kinds of TV shows and music, anything from foreign television to country music. And I love to read! I love to read anything from romance novels to biographies.