Tryniti + Logan | Seattle, WA



Tryniti and Logan originally met at a gay bar in Denver. A mutual friend of their invited them and their friends to all hang out. They hit it off immediately and had a great time together. Then the rest was history for the beautiful couple.


“It was a blast! Logan and I have been inseparable ever since.”





Tryniti is in the Army National Guard and would travel down to Portland for drill once a month. Logan came down with her for the weekend to spend some extra time with her before her upcoming deployment. After work one day, he was waiting for her in the parking lot. As it was hot and Tryniti was tired from her day, she said she was a bit sassy with him as she asked for his help carrying her stuff. At that moment he got down on one knee and she was shocked! The parking lot was empty except for one person a-ways back that started clapping and cheering them on. Once it sunk in for Tryniti what was happening, all the excitement rushed to her as well as the happy tears.


“It was perfect! Him asking me in an empty Army parking lot with one random person cheering us from afar”



Tryniti went dress shopping with the help of her mom and stepdad. She knew she wanted something that was dramatic and it needed to have pockets. She had trouble getting an exact image in her head so she tried on lots of dresses among different stores to figure it out. When she first walked into Charlotte’s Weddings, Tryniti immediately felt welcomed. She loved working with Nicole to create her perfect wedding look.


“If I could, I would go wedding dress shopping at Charlotte’s Weddings every day!”


When she tried on her dress, she just knew it was perfect right away! Even her stepdad, who appears big and tough, shed a couple of tears. Her dress made the wedding feel real! She was so grateful to find the dress that ticked all her boxes for her wishlist. It has pockets, it was comfortable and she loved the triangle cut out. It was actually one of her favorite parts of the dress since her name is Tryniti, she said triangles have always been her thing. It’s always great to have pieces of you in your dress!



“Even though I knew a vague idea of what I wanted, my dress still blew me away… I love that it’s classic with a modern twist”


Tryniti said yes to Justin Alexander ‘88095’, A striking gown for a modern princess. The dress features a cuffed neckline and cutout illusion V in the middle of the bodice. This gown is very classy with a touch of sexy feminine energy to it.



Like most couples, Tryniti and Logan have lots that they loved about their wedding. One thing they loved about their venue was that it didn’t feel like a traditional venue and more about them as a couple and their guests being in a loving space. They loved all the natural elements that the venue offered. Another unique aspect of their wedding was that they had a friend doing stick and poke tattoos. It was a really fun and unique experience for their guests to have a “permanent party favor” from their wedding.


bride and groom with bridesmaids


Something that stood out to Tryniti was her “Something Borrowed” part of her day. Her grandma Sue lended her a bracelet. It was the first piece of jewelry her grandpa had ever given to her. Tryniti felt so special being able to wear something so important to her grandma and that represented their long lasting relationship.


“My grandparents have been together for a long time and love each other very much so it was also very special to be able to wear something that encapsulated their relationship on our wedding day”



Tryniti did a lot of her wedding planning herself and absolutely loved the whole process. She says if she would give advice that she didn’t take originally, it would be to have a day-of-coordinator. She thought it wouldn’t be useful for her since she could handle most things on her own. Though looking back, she and her husband agreed it would have been nice to focus on the moments of the day rather than trying to arrange as they go. Tryniti’s other piece of advice would be to assign someone to bring you food throughout the night. Many couples explain that they don’t have time to eat during their wedding and had it not been for her MOH, Tryniti and Logan wouldn’t have got much to eat.


brida and groom wedding party


Congratulations to Tryniti and Logan!



Dress: Justin Alexander ‘88095’

Venue: Seattle Arboretum Wisteria Hall

Photographer: Ellen from Ariena Photography

Florist: Northwest Wholesale Florist (Arranged by Groom and Mother of Groom)

Bridal Bouquet: Columbia City Bouquet

Hair + Makeup: Salon Maison

Catering: Bay Laurel Catering

Jewelry: Honed by Claire Kinder

Alterations: Julia Groznova

Wedding Arch: Created by bride’s father, Patrick